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Inspiraz Specialize in providing industry

solutions on 3 main topics.

  • Machine Vision

  • Surface Treatment

  • Thermal Management

1 - Machine vision - VizCam

     VizCam’s concept has always been

     focused to be with “simplicity”

     and aims to minimize the learning

     curve for inexperienced users and

     eliminates the need to learn a

     programming language.

     VizCam offers various hardware and

     Software solutions.

  • Smart Camera.

  • Vision controllers.

  • Lighting solutions.

  • Vision software solution.

  • Deep learning software.

2 - Surface Treatment - Atmospheric plasma


      Atmospheric Pressure Plasma is a plasma

     discharge system that requires no vacuum

     systems or special process chambers.

     Using specially designed electrode and

     power source techniques, the plasma can be

     easily generated at 1 atmosphere (760 Torr).

     So, it could be the best solution for the

     company which requires continuous in-line

     plasma processing for mass production.

3 - Thermal Management - Thermal Interface

     Material (TIM)

  • Manufactured using a highly oriented graphite polymeric material which give rise to good thermal conductivity in the X-Y plane

  • More conductive than copper, aluminum or ceramics material

  • High heat resistance up to 400°C

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VizCam Smart camera
VizCam ocr reading example
VisCam QR code reading
VisCam measurements example


QR code


VisCam datamatrix reading


VisCam smart sensor
VisCam vision controller
VizCam Smart sensor

Atmospheric plasma system

Inspiraz - Atmospheric plasma system
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