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In Xpert Robotics we are selecting our strategic partners very carefully - we aim to represent only the best solutions  

Fanuc Certificate - xpert robotics ltd fanuc automation israel system integrator


From the smallest to the strongest industrial robot in the world

With more than 100 models, FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots in the world. Covering a diverse range of applications and industries, FANUC robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options, straightforward integration, payloads up to 2.3 t and maximum reaches up to 4.7 m.

Xpert robotics are partners with unigripper in israel. standard moudle system


UniGripper offers a wide range of standard vacuum grippers, which can be used in a vast variety of applications. Their standard product range consists of the Standard Module System (SMS), The UniGripper Basic series, and the UniGripper Co/Light - Collaborative and Lightweight grippers.

It Robotics - 3d vision inspection


IT+Robotics specialize in 2 different categories:

Bin Picking

Industrial vision solutions for the identification of the position and location of the products within the production line.

Quality Inspection

Industrial vision solutions to optimize production by spotting and removing unfit products from the line.

Unimotion complete gantry xyz solution


Unimotion has complete linear motion solutions.

1.Linear units 

  • BallScrew driven units.

  • Belt driven units.

  • Multi Axis units.

2.Electric cylinders

VizCam smart camera


Inspiraz vast collective experience in the machine vision industry enables them to better understand and respond to the market needs.

VizCam utilizes a common vision software platform that can be used in various camera hardware configurations for vision applications across different industries. The software is specifically designed with ease-of-use for simple applications without sacrificing features and functions for more complex requirement.

JVL servo and stepper motors


JVL offers a wide selection of quality products for motion control:


  • Integrated AC-Servo motors

  • Integrated Stepper motors

  • AC-Servo motor controllers

  • DC-Servo motor controllers

  • Motor drivers, Step-, AC- and DC

  • Keyboard/Display-, Input/Output- and Counter Modules

Xpert robotics are partners of Polyga - 3d systems


Polyga is a developer of 3D scanners and mesh processing software based in Vancouver, Canada. We have more than 10 years of experience building structured light 3D scanners and software that meet complex 3D imaging requirements. Our HDI Line of 3D scanners are a trusted brand of 3D imaging solutions used worldwide for a variety of industrial applications.

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