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Xpert Robotics has chosen to partner with Unimotion due to Unimotion great experience and knowledge.

"In Unimotion We ensure the constant quality and performances for our outstanding products through the following machines:"

- annealing machine station for the ball screw - straightening machine

- several CNC machines and automatic lathes with power tools

- two 4-axis machining centres with a highly modern, fully automated pallet changing system

- high precision CNC machining machine with a travel distance of 3.5m,

- 5-axis CNC machine with a travel distance of 7m for 5-axis sawing, drilling and machining jobs where our linear-axis profiles are machined

- one Wenzel 6m-long CNC measuring machine

- one Wenzel 3D coordinate CNC measuring machine


This is why, quality, reliability, a good price/performance ratio and short delivery times are harmonised to perfection. Thus, in the production of our standard linear units as well as individual and complex special linear units, we can guarantee high capacity, flexibility and precision.

Screw driven axis by unimotion
Unimotion - electrical cylinders
belt driven axis by unimotion
Two linear axis combined
Gantry - multi axis by unimotion
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