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Xpert Robotics has chosen to use Polyga in our Robotic solutions due to Polyga's unique 3d scanners solutions.

Polyga has unique line of scanners:

1 - HDI Professional 3D Scanners

     Quickly capture high resolution digital

     3D scans accurately from objects in the

     physical world.

2 - HDI Carbon 3D Scanner

      Engineered for flexible performance.

      Designed for portability.

3 - Calibry 3D Scanner

      Affordable handheld 3D scanner

      designed to capture professional

      quality 3D scans with ease.

4 - MeasureXL Wireless Portable CMM

      A 3D measurement system that makes

      it simple to quickly probe 3D

      measurements for industry applications.

5 - XTract3D Add-in For SOLIDWORKS

      Reverse engineering plug-in that works

      natively inside SOLIDWORKS.
      Import 3D scanner data and use it as

      a reference for building CAD models


Polyga - HDI Carbon 3d scanner
Polyga C210 camera
Polyga C506 camera
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