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IT+Robotics develops cutting-edge industrial vision products for quality control and robot guidance.

1 - EyeT+Pick

    outstanding 3D vision system for random

    bin picking and is plugged to any robot

    arm to collect randomly arranged objects.

2 - EyeT+Inspect

      combined 2D/3D vision system that

      integrates with any robot for high end

      quality inspection. The robots

      manipulates the piece in front of the

      device and gets throughly scanned with

      its dual laser technology.

3 - EyeT+ InBox

      EyeT+ InBox is a turn-key device, 

      able to quickly evaluate the quality

      of a single or assembled piece.

      This device combines traditional 2D

      for surface checks with innovative 3D

      developed for shape-related checks.

      EyeT+ InBox is able to perform several

      different checks in a few seconds, ranging

      from quality of plastic moulding to

      completeness of shapes.

itROBOTICS-Inbox quality inspection stand alone
IT-robotics Eyet-Pick 3d system
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